Saturday, October 23, 2010

Afternoon Tea Talk for your next Bridal Shower. . . or other special event

If you are planning a bridal shower and looking for a fresh alternative to the lets-get-it-over-with-shower-games, consider a Tea Etiquette Talk* from Barb's TEA Shop. Treat your guests to an informative and entertaining tea talk and avoid those tired wedding-themed brain teasers and quizzes.

Make your bridal shower an elegant afternoon tea affair that needn't exceed your budget. Barb's TEA Shop will create a program based on your needs. We can provide everything from tea consultation to full-service tea brewing and pouring for your guests.

Let Barb's TEA Shop take the guesswork out of which tea to serve and how to prepare. Based on your menu, we can offer a variety of teas, at a range of prices, and brew and serve to your guests on-site. With Barb's TEA Shop, afternoon tea with freshly brewed tea is easier than setting tea bags on the table, but, so much more elegant.

When planning your next shower, contact Barb's TEA Shop and let's talk about what would work best for your special bride, guests and venue. You can select from the full package or any individual component:

Full Package: Tea Etiquette Talk, 2 varieties of loose tea, teapots and teapot warmers, tea preparation and wait staff.

But, don't feel you need to wait for someone to get married. The same afternoon tea package is available for your next group event: book club, girls night out, couples evening or church group.

Contact us today: 248-840-4356

*Barb Gulley is a Tea Etiquette Consultant, with training from the Protocol School of Washington. She is an authorized tea etiquette consultant from PSOW.

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