Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring into Tea Time Tablescapes

Happy Spring TEA Friends,

With record-breaking high temperatures in Michigan and welcomed sunshine, we can take inspiration from those blooming daffodils and forsythia bushes in the yard and invite them to the tea table. And, that's just what Barb's TEA Shop found at its latest tea tasting in a truly beautiful home in Brighton.

The homeowner was hostess to twenty-five guests for afternoon tea last month. Her tablescapes featured flower-accented china with bundles of yellow and white mums gathered into flowerpots and teacups like miniature topiaries for centerpieces. Accented by sage-colored tablecloths and framed by floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the just-budding trees and scenic lake, the tea tables looked as though they had been freshly picked from the greening landscape outside.

They decor quite literally brought a "spring" to Barb's TEA Shop's step as we brewed and served over seven types of tea. The formal afternoon tea tasting included white, sencha, herbal mint and creamy earl grey. Afterwards, guests sampled roibois, oolong and yunan black, primarily sourced from Light of Day teas.

BTS also presented a tea talk which included tea history, tea etiquette and a Tea 101 on the different types of tea.

Thanks to our gracious hostess for inviting us to spend afternoon tea time in her lovely home. And, keep in mind, you can host a tea tasting in your home, too! Barb's TEA Shop has programs and tea tastings to suit all sizes and budgets. E-mail us at or call anytime at 248-840-4356.

If you are looking for more inspiration for your tea table, you must visit the Antiques Depot, in Lewiston, Michigan. Just three hours north of Oakland County, you will find teapots and teacups for every taste and pocketbook. For more information, check out The Detroit Tea Examiner's latest article which features this enchanting store.

Of course, with all this talk of Spring and welcoming the green, a tea toast to our own MSU Spartans in tonight's Final Four playoffs. : )

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Go Green - to all my TEA Friends!


Tablescape at the Antiques Depot

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