Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chazzano Coffee Roasters to Serve Tea

Hello TEA Friends,

I confess, I enjoy a good mug of coffee as much as I do a good cup of tea and I admit to visiting the dark (roasted) side frequently. Fortunately for me, Chazzano Coffee now allows me to have my choice of either in the same place.

Owned and passionately operated by Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo, Chazzano Coffee Roasters in Ferndale will soon be adding loose tea to its menu. With the same care Chazzano takes in brewing gourmet coffee, they now turn to three new green tea offerings: matcha, sencha and puerh. Barbs TEA Shop was lucky enough to preview these this weekend.

Frank prepared matcha tea and whisked the characteristically phosphorescent green powder to a frothy concoction. Smooth and mellow, this is the traditional drink of the Japanese tea ceremony.

We also sampled another Japanese green tea, Sencha. This tea had a fine delicate flavor without the heavy grassy taste.

But, my favorite - and what a special treat - was the Puerh. Unlike most teas, Puerh actually improves with age. Pressed into cakes and stored away from light and humidity, these teas are now often categorized by region and year like fine wines.

And, Chazzano's Puerh delivers. It is absolutely delicious. Though in its unprocessed state, it is classified as a green tea, once ready for brewing, it has the color and taste of a hearty, but smooth black tea. Pure tea flavor that gets better with each steep.

My son, Rob, and I enjoyed a laid back weekend afternoon in this comfortable, contemporary coffee house. Barb's TEA shop plans to invite TEA friends to join us at Chazzano's once the teas are ready for serving. Keep checking back for more details. (But we encourage you to go anytime for a satisfying cup of expertly roasted coffee!)

In (Coffee) TEA and friendship,


Chazzano Coffee Roasters
1737 E. 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220


Anonymous said...

認清問題就等於已經解決了一半的問題。 ....................................................

Frank said...

Barbara-we now have White Peony, Sencha, Matcha, and Pu-err available.Thank you for your kind words.I look forward to having you lead a tea tasting at Chazzano Cafe.