Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January is National Tea Month - New Calendars, New Beginnings

Did you know January is National Hot Tea Month? (Amazing what tidbits a new tea calendar can provide.)

Well, dear TEA friends, it is and I was uninformed until I flipped the page this morning. But, this IS January and a time for new calendars, fresh beginnings, inspiration and motivation. And - seriously, do we even have to ask? - what better drink to accompany all this than a good cup of hot tea?

As much as I love the flurry of activity of the holidays, there is something special about the start of the new year. The possibilities are all in front of us and we no longer have the "excuses" of decorating, baking, shopping or shipping to stand in our way. I don't make formal resolutions, but I do have a rather large list of things I hope to do, or at least try, by the end of the year.
So far, things are moving right along. In just the second week of this month, I've already cleaned one large closet (the first floor coat closet that was so jam packed, some jackets didn't even have hangers!), signed up for a knitting class for beginners and booked two tea events. In less than 14 days of the New Year, I've already made entries into my new calendar and am keeping "Hoarders" at bay. I must admit, I'm feeling pretty good about this new year.

Barb's TEA Shop is also getting caught up in expanding its routine in 2010. Look for more contests, more reviews, more links and more interactive fun.

Of course, back on the personal side, there's the obvious New Year's goal of shedding a few of those holiday pounds, but do we need to address everything in January? Because I was gently persuaded to go to The Cupcake Station last week and then, indulge in a deep-fried twinkie dessert this past weekend, I think I'm going to save the weight reduction for February. Right after Valentine's Day.

So, Cheers to the New Year, New Beginnings and National Hot Tea Month.

Yours in TEA and Friendship,


No Fried Twinkies in February

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