Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Have a WINNER!

Thank you to all who responded to our First Ever Barb's TEA Shop Blog Contest. Our winner is Dawn A. from Michigan! Congrats to Dawn!

Our unscientific poll of favorite tea revealed Earl Grey was the overwhelming tea of choice. Interesting. . . just like the Queen of England!

We had so much fun with our contest, we're going to run another very soon. Keep "tuning in" for details.

And, to reward all who sent their name in for this drawing, and didn't win, we're going to keep your name in for the second drawing and you can still enter again! You will increase your odds at winning the next contest.

Dawn, we hope you enjoy your new Elmwood Inn tea book!

And, as you know, all tea drinkers are winners. . . an Earl Grey tea toast to all.


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