Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tea Time in "Teacumseh"

Hello Friends!

We found ourselves back in "England" for tea this Saturday after a weekend excursion through Toledo, Ohio to see Jerry Seinfeld in concert (outrageously funny, by the way), then on to Dundee, Michigan (to take in the "Cabella's Experience"), and finally stopping in Tecumseh on our way back home. I remembered we had visited the British Pantry and Tea Garden about four years ago and it had made quite an impression. I was anxious to reconnect with this tea room and, after my first cup of Yorkshire Gold (the "house" black tea blended in Yorkshire Dales), I wondered what had taken me so long to get back to this incredibly charming tea room.

Although we were a bit too early for the "afternoon tea" offering, we were delighted with our lunch choices. I had a spinach quiche that was the perfect consistency and packed with flavor. It was served with a homemade spice bread that was delightfully moist and the apple slaw, which is a unique salad concoction you will savor. For dessert, we had carrot cake and a lemon tart. You will definitely want to save up your sweet allotment for this tea parlor and I would highly recommend the Yorkshire Gold as a perfect accompaniment to your meal. It can handle the heartiest of lunches and perfectly off-set the sweetness of dessert.

Men will not feel out of place here, even though they may be in the minority of patrons. The dark wood booths and imposing counter area balance out the flowery teapots and lace curtains. And that goes for the gift shop, too; plenty of delicate, decorative items that will appeal to your feminine side, but the variety of imported foods for sale will delight any gastronome regardless of gender.

The service is great and we met with the manager, Debbie, who was answered all our questions with a smile and enthusiasm. We were checked on regularly to see how we were doing and if we needed more tea - and you absolutely know how important that is!

There's also a room upstairs for special occasions. It was in use during our visit, but not at all interfering with guests on the main floor.

My only regret was that we didn't have more time to try out the many, many teas on the British Tea Gardens loose tea list. That will serve as our excuse to head back to Tecumseh - and, I can tell you this, it won't be another four years!

Another gloved thumbs up to The British Pantry and Tea Garden. A bit of merry old England in southern Michigan.

The British Tea Garden is located at 112 E. Chicago Blvd, Tecumseh, Michigan. For more information click on this link British Tea Garden
. . . and tell them BTS sent you!

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