Saturday, February 2, 2008

Afternoon Tea - Supersized!

Hello Friends,

With February hosting Superbowl Sunday and Super Tuesday, Barb's TEA Shop wants to join in the fun. So, today, I'm having an "extra- grande" serving of tea for my afternoon tea break. And, with a freshly brewed pot of "Strawberry Kiwi", it's an easy - and delightful - thing to do.

In addition to the big events mentioned above, February is also Valentine's Day month (although it has avoided the "Super" title-trap, so far). The upcoming holiday has inspired today's tea selection as Strawberry Kiwi not only tastes wonderful, it has a beautiful rosy red color, too, that's perfect for all romantics. I chose one of my favorite pink-flowered tea cups for serving (see top left insert). As I am fond of saying, it really is "too-too"!

BTS had a terrific week. Thursday, I had wonderful time at the Troy Historical Village. Met some of the nicest ladies, many who stayed afterwards to share some of their own, very interesting, tea stories. And, what a turnout! One hundred women were in attendance and the church pews were filled to capacity with lovely guests and teacups. Another fine example of "tea as an occasion" - a reason cited in the presentation for the ever growing popularity of tea.

February is sure to be a busy time as well. We'll be wrapping up our Super Month with "Tea Tasting - Beyond the Teabag" at The Community House. We appreciate "Strut For Women" - the monthly magazine in The Detroit News - for selecting Beyond the Teabag as one of their "February, 2008 Enrichment" class choices (February 08, page 19).

Before I close for the afternoon, I invite you to vote in our new poll. Tell us what your "cup of tea" will be for tomorrow's (Sunday) night viewing.

And, I hasten to add before my departure, all the "super-fluous" talk will be gone next week!

Tea and friendship,


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