Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tea and Etiquette at Clarkston Independence District Library

Tables set with beautiful china cups and tea accoutrements
Just returning home from London on Labor Day weekend, the Friday of that same week,  I had the great pleasure of presenting "Tea and Etiquette" for a lovely seniors group at the Clarkston Independence District Library.  We had fifty guests in attendance and they were an absolutely fun and delightful  group.

Home baked scones and sweets were delicious.

Invited by Lawrence Marble, head of Adult Services, and aided by fellow librarians Jo Ann Andrews and Beth Grai, the afternoon tea was a beautiful event. And, Beth Grai not only served the tea, but baked the scones and desserts, which were delicious.

Festive place cards added an elegant touch to the table.
A real treat for me came after the program when I was extended an invitation to join the afternoon tea. Festive place cards at each place setting added an elegant touch to the tea tables. I found mine in a hurry!

I was seated with a lovely group of ladies.
I was seated at a table with Darlene Clarno, Kathie Ward and Joyce Mammen, a wonderful and interesting group of ladies.

Kudos to  Clarkston Independence District Library for transforming this venue into an elegant tea room and hosting such a great event!

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Zyreen Robins said...

I really love the photos! I had a good read too.