Monday, February 14, 2011

Spend Valentine's Day with tea, chocolate, roses and. . . hamburgers?

It's Valentine's Day and we all have our own idea of how the perfect February 14th should be celebrated. I like spending the day with chocolate, roses and tea (see our blog entry from February 12th on Adagio's Valentine tea which combines all three!). Throw in a candlelight dinner and my ideal has been realized. But I never, in all my romantic daydreams, considered fast-food hamburgers in the scenario, let alone reserving a table at the neighborhood White Castle. But, maybe it's time to break out of the heart-shaped chocolate box and reconsider.

In a story I first ran across this weekend by The Restaurant Examiner, Anya Vinclauv, I thought it must be a one-time, one-locale promotion. Further reading and a visit to the White Castle website, proved, however, that across the county, one could celebrate Valentine's Day at the short-order grill with tableside service and flowers on the table. It's all part of White Castle's "Sweetheart Meal Deal" and, if this sounds at all tempting, you'll have get to your phone quickly. This is a reservation-only affair and, per White Castle's website, "seating is limited".

The White Castle menu includes not only its signature "Sliders", but exotic fast-food fare such as fries with cheese, fish nibblers and chicken rings. In addition, you'll see they also serve chocolate shakes and a hot tea (the latter's menu picture proudly captions "have a sip and meditate on the depths of White Castle Flavor"). Chocolate, tea and a rose on the table - this is starting to sound dangerously familiar.

Should you never want to forget such an evening, White Castle advertises that you can have your picture taken during dinner. Somehow, though, I don't think a photo would be necessary. I have a feeling, this is an experience that would remain in one's memory for a very, very long time.

It may be too late for this year, but I'm keeping options open for 2012. For now, I'll console myself with some Valentine tea, chocolate truffles and a beautiful rose on my dining room table (thanks, Chris and Rob!)

Happy Valentine's Day to all - no matter how you spend it!


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Lelia said...

If we only had White Castle here in the Northwest, but alas, no.