Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions Start with "Capital Tea"s

Hello Friends!

If it's any indication how prepared I am for Christmas this year, on this afternoon's tea break I'm still reflecting on Thanksgiving. In the midst of snow, twinkling lights and holly berry wreaths, I decided to pour myself a second cup of Earl Grey (from Angelina's) and share with you some of our new Thanksgiving traditions this year.

"In-laws" took on a new meaning for us this November as we had our first blended holiday gathering between ourselves and our future daughter-in-law, Karyn's family. Of course, we had the standards: turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. But with our extended family, we had more tea enthusiasts at the table than ever before! So, for dessert, we brought out the variety pack as well as brewed a pot of Earl Grey from Angelina's.

(Just for the record, we picked this fine tea at Angelina's in Paris, upon our good friend, Carol D's recommendation. After sampling, we understood why she asked us if we could bring her back a tin. With that, we find it is true - good friends don't let good friends drink bad tea!)

So, for the first time at our Thanksgiving dinner, we brewed tea for our guests. It added a touch of grace and civility to our holiday repast - that is, until the cards came out. Then, the white gloves came off as we began the ultimate pinochle tournament only to be followed by Extreme Hearts. The latter of which we renamed, "There Will Be Blood. . . But Not on the First Trick!" (For those who don't follow that card game, "blood" refers to the suit of "hearts" - so no worries!)

After midnight, and long after the tea had turned cold and the leftovers were put away for a week's worth of tasty meals, we concluded our Thanksgiving get together with traditions old and new. It was the perfect "meld"-ing of family, turkey, tea and pinochle. Dare I say, it will be hard to "trump"?

But, now, back to this weekend where, while taking ornaments out the crate and dusting off snow globes, I'm also thumbing through Hoyle's as well as Harney's new tea catalog for inspiration for our next blended gathering.

So, friends, enjoy your holiday preparations - but don't forget to treat yourself to a little holiday tea time in between!

TEA and friendship,


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